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I'am not bragging you be the judge

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Phoenix Rooster

Ohiki Roosters Red & Black

Willie who runs loose OEG Bantam he has 2 hens out with him

This is 1 of the lemon blue hens I have

This is a self blue hen OEG she is my pet (Miss Blue)

These next 2 pictures are 2 brothers who has 2 hens with them OEG lemon blue

this is Miss Blue and she stays in a cage with OEG Ginger blue
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I like Miss Blue. She has such outstanding colors.
My pic is the Ohiki Red rooster.

Beautiful birds. Other than the blues, they look like the chickens we had on the farm when I was a kid.
Ya got plenty to brag about Jr, I would be proud to own them :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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