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Idling tractors

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OK just curious about this and would like some input. Friend of mine owns a faily large const. co and was talking to him yesterday about starting the tractor to just let it run and he asked me why? He said that other than the battery he never saw any benifit. He recomended to simply block the clutch and drain the carb and to throw a charge on the battery if it seem to be getting low. Now I have always tried to start about once a month if it wasn't used but now am confused.You know how ya just do things the way ya always did it or was taught and we all know old habits. Some of you mechanics tell me what ya think?My tractors are not really workers just more of the love and hobby.
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i do like to strt any of mine that i still use now and then.

i have plenty that are just 'parkers' and stay in the barn. but I have 3-4 that get use throughout the year.

on those, i will run them once a month.

there are things like the tries likeign to be rolled so they don't get flat.

gears that drain the oil off and are high and dry for condensation to attack.. etc.

also, keeps the valves from sticking...
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Yep I agree with Soundguy, also with the temp swings and humidity, we have in the middle states, run it till it gets warm enough to evaporate the condensation that develops.
These past few days not only the concrete was sweating, but almost everything that wasn't in a climate controled area (covered by a roof or not) had condensation on it,
and if the steel is condenstating on the outside it is on the inside as well. ;)
Ditto what Chris says. I do the same. Gotta keep em happy and moving on a regular basis.
yel like to start them at least every 2 years..

Starting Old Super A Farmall
caseman said:
yel like to start them at least every 2 years..

Starting Old Super A Farmall
That was neet but really enjoyed the next one it went straight to Shelly's visit, That was real nice.
I try to start everything that doesn't get used in the winter once a month or so. Condensation, etc.
50 degress to day so was an easy start up so i started all the diesel tractors and trucks and let run a will to charge batteries and get oil movement
yep.. condensation gets in there.

and for sure is good to run them long enough to warm then and flash it off. don't want that water colelcting in the sump to freeze crack something
we dont start anything that isnt goin to be used. condensation gets in but then in the spring everything goes threw the shop for a full blown service, witch is all fluids changed exept coolent. that is checked with a ph strip. when engines sit for a period of time the bearings loose oil that just drips back to the pan, so starting needlessly i think does more damage then good. lucas in the oil does help with this tho
that's the point. start them more often and keep the oil film up. it doesn't drip off 5 seconds after you stop.. ;)
Unless you run them about 1/2 hr you are doing more harm than good. I don't bother them till I can start and drive them some.. cold weather just another drag on that starter.. That 1938 Case has never had the oil changed in rear end and it has set sometimes 2 years at a time.. every one has his own way of doing things..
yep.. I agree.. run it till warmed to flash off water.
I see it both ways, I dont start mt tractors in the winter but the rest of the year I don't like to go more then a month without running them. Ive rebuilt engines before and half way through had a temperature change and everything inside and out was drenched in water.

It it is kept inside a building where condensation isnt a issue I dont see a problem letting it sit.

Ive also bought a few tractors that have sat for years. The reason I bought them is because they didnt run. Like mentioned above, condensation can kill machines. I think running them keeps working parts working.
Idling is bad for engines, not long enough and it does no good, too long and it is bad. Gas tractors that sat all winter got plugs pulled, oil in plug holes, carb drained and tank filled full. Diesel tractors sat the winter, unless needed. When started they got used at full RPM and warmed well under load. My tractors idle 5 minutes before use and cooled to normal temps after use, no more than 5 minutes, turbos 7 minutes. Warm weather, use as much as needed. I would take them out for a spin, for the pleasure, just like a motorcycle....James
extended idle is bad fro carbed gasers and diesel.. however.. up the throttle to get it off the idle rpm and you've got something.

run her down to the post box.. totake the garbage out.. or out for some air around the neighborhood.

the batteries will appreciate it.. so will the seals and any no submerged gears..
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