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IH sickle bar Model

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Didn't know if anybody knew their models of sickle bar mowers. I picked one up that I'm pretty sure is a 6' not a 7, and didn't know if there was a way to tell what model it is so I can pick up a manual for it. Won't be able to get pictures until wednesday.
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Just recently back on the forum. I have cut many acres of hay with a similiar if not the same mower. The H was my favorite power. An M is enough harder turning that it made mowing work. A square corner can easily be cut at least with the seven foot mower by by turning the tractor a hard right when the wheel lines up with the standing hay in the other direction and hard braking. Another source for parts is an early Brillion hay conitioner. Dad told me not to turn as hard with the conditioner since the weight would make it oversteer. I knew what he meant when after the first turn I made not a 90 but more like a 135 degree turn! This mower has been adapted to something other than a farmall I think. We bolted the cross piece on the mower directly to the drawbar of the H. Did you get it going in time to cut hay? To me live power isn't as necessary as an easy handling tractor. Vern
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No. The swinging drawbar was set to the side and the mower was bolted to the drawbar. I don't believe the two pieces bolted to the front of your mower are original. That is why I felt it may have been used on something other than an IH. The cross piece on the front of the mower should bolt directly to the tractor drawbar. If I am correct then the shaft would have been run extended more than design intent and might be the cause of excessive wear. Vern
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