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I'm a sucker for an old squarebody

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Been lookin for one for a while, came accross this one on Craigslist for $800. It needed a motor and had brand new tires. I went to look at it and brought her home. I only paid $500 for it and had an engine out of my field truck which was 1 year older than this one. It's a 1977 Chevy k20, 6" suspension lift kit, and 33" tires. Going to be dropping in a 383 stroker and making a show truck out of her. I will update as I move along with the restoration
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Mine was a '76 1/2 ton, loved that thing....James
Don't see many of those around anymore that aren't eaten up by rust. G.M. seemed to have a real problem coming up with a paint
that would keep the rust at bay, after the govt. banned lead from paint in '75. Their trucks seemed to be hit the worse with it.
I had an '88 C20 Silverado, last year of that body style. I called it "the last of the best." :cool:
Enjoy your truck, and keep us updated when you get started on it.
Cool truck. I would love to have one as well, I have always loved that body style. My brother had a 74 C10 I loved that truck, just wish it was 4wd, and still had it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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