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Came across this while doing some research didn't know if anyone might find it handy. It gives the part no for the implement for the three when they were the same but when each manufacturor was using different model no. for parts.
Little hard to read.

Implement Model Number Cross-reference Chart
Ferguson Massey-Harris Massey-Ferguson Dearborn (Ford)
6A-EO-A20, 7A-EO-A20, 6A-EOB20,
7-EO-B20 Ag. Mowers
MH 60 Mower MF-60 Mower
14-1, 14-2, 14-9,
14-10 Mowers
A-O-21 Disc Harrow
Series C Tandem
Disc Harrow
A-BO-22 & 32 Disc Harrow MH 60 Disc Harrow MF 22 Disc Harrow
A-LO-19 Cordwood Saw
21-1, 22-44, 904-1
Cordwood Saws
A-LO-20 Cordwood Saw MH 20 Cordwood Saw MF 20 Cordwood Saw
AO Moldboard Plow MH 62 Plow MF 62 Plow
B-FO-A21 Multi-Purpose Blade MH 1 Multi-Purpose Blade MF 21 Multi-Purpose Blade
BO-20 Tiller MH 138 Tiller MF 138 Spring Tine Tiller
D-EO-20 Side Delivery Rake MH 21 Rake MF 20 Side Delivery Rake
D-EO-25 Side Delivery Rake MF 25 Side Delivery Rake
F-EO-20 & 30 Mower MF-30 Mower
F-EO-35 Mower MF 135 Mower
H-BO-20 Heavy Duty Disc
N-KO-21 Cultivator MH 221 Cultivator MF 221 Rigid Tine Cultivator
S-KO-20 Spring Tine Cultivator MH 220 Cultivator MF 220 Spring Tine Cultivator
L-UO-20 Manure Loader MH 21 Manure Loader MF 21 Manure Loader
P-AO-20 & 22 Disc Plows MH 64 Disc Plow MF 64 Disc Plow
P-EO-21 & P-EO-A21 Mower
14-3, 14-4, 14-50 &
14-51 Mowers
R-KO-20 Rotary Hoe MH 1 Rotary Hoe
D-BO-22 Subsoiler MF 22 Subsoiler
F-32 Loader MH 22 Farm Loader MF 32 Loader
F-12 Trail Baler MH 3 Baler MF 3 Baler
F-36 Pull-Type Rake MF 36 Pull-Type Rake
F-70 Grain Drill MH 26 Grain Drill
F-130 Cultivator MH 120 Cultivator MF 120 Cultivator
F-132 Cultivator MH 122 Cultivator MF 122 Cultivator
P-BO-20 Flexitiller MH 60 Disc Tiller MF 20 Disc Tiller
F-28 & 70 Toolbar MH 60 Tool Carrier MF 65 Rear Tool Carrier
F-17 Offset Disc Harrow MH 17 Goble Disc Harrow
F-77 Rigid Spring Tooth Harrow
MH 67 Rigid Spring Tooth
MF 67 Spring Tooth Harrow
K-BO-A21 & 31 Spring Tooth
MH 63 Spring Tooth Harrow
F-71 Lister Planter MH 61 Lister Planter
F-76 Reverse Tandem Disc
MH 66 Reverse Tandem Disc
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