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Improved Ride-on Starting

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My MTD was never easy to start when hot, so much heat in the starter it would hardly spin the motor. Tried and tried, then eventually the solenoid gave up. My fault.
Looked through my parts and found one for a car. It is bigger, but only needed mounting holes to be redrilled.
What a difference! Cold, hot, it starts so easily now. Never would have thought that a heavier solenoid would make that much difference.
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The original solenoid is only good for about 10 amps. That car solenoid will do 800 amps. Yup quite a difference. Mind you an MTD and most mowers out there are built cheap. Also MTD makes mowers for most of the expensive competition as well. The expensive people (other than Deere whom really does make their own) will deny it, yet if you ask a mechanic, most of your lawn 4 wheel variety competition will order from a MTD supplier.
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