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Inline fuel filter

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I read or heard somewhere there was a NAPA in-line Gold fuel filter that worked good on these older tractors. Anyone have any inf oon them, e.g., where inline do they go (designed to fit in the Fuel filter glass bowl?).

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I played around wit that idea on mine but that filter is designed for an old chevy car and is designed for the dirty fuel to be on the outside and the clean fuel to be on the inside, the fuel bowl on JDs works the opposite way. I wasn't happy with the way that filter fit or worked. Jds came from the factory with a very fine mesh screen in the top of the fuel bowl, that was missing on all my tractors so I ordered replacements from Deerely Departed (now Davenport) for a couple bucks and they worked fine. I also rolled up some fine screen and inserted it in the bowl assembly top nipple so that it would stick up inot the tank. I have read that JD combines have a big W shaped screen designed to work inside the old fuel bowls that is an excellent alternative to the factory screen but I haven't had any issues that warranted trying it yet.

Here is the NAPA one everyone talks about;

This is the factory screen;

Here is what I did on mine to help from tank crap clogging the bowl inlet;

Here is the one non-factory fuel system modification that I highly recommend, putting a 1/4 turn shutoff valve inline before the carb;

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Well, that was very helpful. I really like the idea of the "in-tank" mesh. Where did you get the mesh and how fine is it? I assume it is brass.
The one I would go with if I had to chose would be this one.

You can take it apart, rinse the filter with your fuel from the line, put it back together and your good to go. No filters to change, you dont have to drain the tank to clear the brass screen. Simple and easy. Glass tube so it wont get damaged no matter the gas formulation. Metal ends that are not likely to strip out ( you really have to be a bad mechanic to destroy the threads). Pipe threads so you could plumb it right to the fuel shutoff if you want. Buy it once and use it forever. ... 4AodCEm8Zw
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My problem with my tractor was there was some thrash in the tank that would occasionally clog the bowl assembly inlet and cause my tractor to die on me, usually as a result of my luck it would happen right in the middle of a parade or a slow race. I would have to take the line off and blow backwards into the line to get it unclogged. I found the mesh on eBay, it was a very fine stainless steel mesh, I cut off a piece and rolled it up tight and stuck it in the inlet. I also got a new factory screen for the top of the bowl and no more issues. I have also since seen some store bought looking ones that stick in the inlet.
I don't like the inline ones mainly because of looks but also potential leaks and I don't want to cut my steel fuel lines.
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