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Plow on! Where's the snow? Part 4 Installing the Plow of my video series Rust to Farmall Red, Restoring the 54-A Grader/Plow is playing now on

The plow has been installed for more than 2 weeks and still we have not had more than a couple of inches of snow. I am resistant to make my first snow plowing video with the cub just pushing around some "dust". So be assured when I post a Part 5 notification here, I will be pushing something substantive, which may be still be a couple weeks from the date of this post.

I have added the Part 4 to the series playlist and will include that link a separate link to Part 4 below. I would appreciate any comments on the video at the channel or here, consider subscribing my channel, and don't forget to at least hit the thumbs up button while watching the videos. Please and thanks! - Tom

Part 4 -
Playlist -
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