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interesting old H

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Found this beaut cruising through craigslist. Very interesting. might go to look at it. price seems a little steep for me though
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Now thats neat!!! Heck, if I were closer Id buy it!!
I wonder how the backhoe 's oil is supplied to it? Ran by a pto pump? Hmmm getting me more interested
I was looking for a pump somewhere on there, but didnt see one. You could use the belly pump, but I dont kow if it would be enough for the backhoe or not. Id almost have to guess a PTO pump.
That's neat!! Due to the fact you have two extra good tires, wide front, and a back hoe that no one ever seen I'd say the price is pretty reasonable
certainly is an interesting piece of equipment
wondering if it is a crank driven pump that is covered up in front of the grill?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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