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missouri massey man said:

I think I just picked up a little IH make and break that may be able to make this thing operate. This has a 3 hp (I think) and what I picked up is a 2. It does not have the radiator, though. At least it would operate the baler, maybe not enough power to bale though...It would just be for display anyway. By the way, all the parts on the baler work when you turn the flywheel by hand, nothing is stuck. Someone told me this was a '37 model 2 when I posted it before...
Looks pretty sturdy. There is a JD unit like that in the woods at my greatgrandpas. saw it once a few years back but didnt look real close at it. Now i have been wanting for a while to go figure out how to get it outa there!

Atleast ever since I saw this at a show up in OK

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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