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is it a tractor or a car?

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Saw this Ford with fertilizer spreader at the Australia rally last year
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You are right on both :lol: Looks like a doodlebug to me
Sears sold a kit at one time to convert a model T into a tractor. It may have been one of them.
Like Bertman says Both, and they are known as "Doodlebugs" across this country. ;)
A little history.
Ford Tractor Conversions
As early as 1903 published photographs appeared of a car providing a stationary source of power, including Henry Ford sawing wood with a new Model A Ford in 1903.
The editor of Ford Time, wrote an article for the magazine in 1909, in which he matched the Model Ts technical characteristics point for point with those he thought farmers required,
concluding that "with a little ingenuity the Model T can be made to run the cream separator, saw the wood, or pull a trailer loaded with farm produce or housing supplies."
For much of the Tin Lizzy long life, Ford magazines and sales bulletins published numerous stories of how farm men had harnessed the motor to do their chores,
including plowing, in support of the advertising slogan that the Model T was the "universal car."

It's no surprise dozens of companies including the Pullford Company, Staude's Mak-A-Tractor, KnickerBocker Forma-Tractor released their Model T tractor conversion
to market before Henry Ford' s own highly successful tractor, the Fordson. Therefore it appears that one of Henry Ford' s toughest competitors in the tractor market was his own popular Model T and Model A. .

Over one hundred different manufactures made kits for converting a Ford car or using car components to create a tractor using Ford car parts including Sears and Montgomery Ward.
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Dave that was a bit of interesting news , enjoyed reading it .

Around here they referred to them as "autotracs".
Seen a few of them. They are definately neat looking.
bettyp said:
Dave that was a bit of interesting news , enjoyed reading it .
I learned something new while researching it too.
I knew the model A came after the model T, but
I didn't know Henery Ford made a different model A before the T. ;)
Thats what I love about this place, always someone can fill in the gaps, thanks Dave
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