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issac and lousiana

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hope our friends in lousiana are gonna be ok!
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soundguy said:
hope our friends in lousiana are gonna be ok!

So do I Chris , but not looking real good yet ,not out of woods yet. :roll: :roll:
Will say a prayer for them. Don't need any repeats........
I been down here working in AL, MS, LA, since before the storm moved out, it is amazing the force of the wind when mixed with water, the big problem with New Orleans is that it is a big low spot......flooding is to be expected..? I will try to share some pics that I have taken of some railroad tracks that are totally washed out.

Jim would appreciate the pics. Really been bad for them again.
finally dried up enough down here to fill the bulk feeders for the chix, turkey and pigs. befor ethis it woulda all gone to waste witht he water falling so hard so often..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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