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I have a new to me 9n with a pull behind single stage snowblower that I have now used twice in fairly substantial snowfalls and I thought I would give my critique in case anyone was interested. Overall I am happy with the results of this machine and I will plan to use it more next year. This year I did not have the chains on the tractor for the first snowfalls and ended up clearing my roads with the blade first after a substantial amount of accumulation. With the tow behind I think it needs to get cleared every snowfall or when 3 to 4 inches accumulate. I have done 8 inches now twice and that is pushing the limits of the machine in traction and hp. I am guessing that my tires are not loaded so loading them should help. My main problem is that the N lacks weight for stability but other than that it is quite usable. I am keeping two roadway areas open and the tow behind is very nice to just drive forward without having to back up with its associated crick in the neck. With the proviso that these are not as versatile as a two stage blower I would recommend this machine for ease of use on roads.
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i all ways use the bucket for the first storm or 2 .
it removes the lups and stones .
if not the rocks and lumps come out near light speed and can wreck glass etc fast .
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