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Here is the 3 main collector clubs and their contact info/current subscription information. I write articles for the first one.

J.I.CASE Collectors Association
P.O. BOX 638
Beecher, IL 60401

Dues are 1 year-$25, CA $25, overseas $40
2 years-$48, CA $48, overseas $78

They have a summer and winter convention with a lot of fun activities and collection tours and membership includes a quarterly publication

J.I.CASE Heritage Foundation
P.O. BOX 081156
Racine, WI 53408-1156

Dues are for one year, US $25, CA $30, and $40 overseas

They offer a quarterly magazine and also have a summer show hosted by a tractor club.

This is a newer club, no website but they are gaining ground. It is nice to see more collector clubs for us popping up.
Northland CASE Collectors
9403 Plum Ave
Brownton, MN 55312

Membership dues are $15 per year and comes with a newsletter four times a year.
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