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JD 318 rider. Manual gives no details on how to remove the starter. Burried between the frame and head. Need ideas on the best way to pull it. What has to be removed or unhooked to get it out without pullin the engine??? Drive shaft fits kinda snug between two coolers so loosening the engine and sliding it sideways don't look to promising. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well here is what the manual says to do to test the starter.

Disconnect battery
ground cable.
Remove starter and
mount in a vise.
Use jumper cables to
connect starter to
machine battery or
battery of similar
Connect positive clamp
(A) to positive (+)
battery cable terminal
on starter solenoid.
Connect negative (—)
battery cable (B) to
starter body.
Connect jumper wire
(C) to the solenoid coil
terminal and to positive
cable clamp as shown.
Starter should engage
and run.

One thing they forget to tell you is HOW TO REMOVE THE STARTER :? :? :? :?
Turns out to be a pretty simple process :roll:

Other funny thing is that every bolt on the AMERICAN made unit is METRIC. Went to remove the 2 starter bolts and guess what. They are 1/2" bolts :x :x

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soundguy said:
good grief.

so they started with the starter and built a mower around it?
Best way to describe it. Sure wasn't lookin to spend the afternoon this way.

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They do that so you get so frustrated with it, you'll bring it to them for service. ;)

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What, no volunteers to help put it back in??????????????????

Dropped it off about 1 pm yesterday. Got a call about 5:30 pm last night that it was ready :shock: :shock: Fast work. Said they're was absolutely NO brush material left. Now the venture to get it back in.

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soundguy said:
hey.. it should be no prob.. you are practically an expert now. :)
:? :? :? :? :? :? Just glad I didn't have to wait a couple weeks for it. I'd have forgotten how it goes back together.

Here's the run down.

JD wanted $565 for a new one.

NAPA wanted $295 for a new one.

Got the old one rebuilt for $107

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Well it's done but it was a little exciting. Got the starter on and buttoned the back shield back up. Put the motor in just to realize the shop put the end cover of the starter on 180 deg. out :eek: Pull the engine, remove back cover, remove starter and spin the end cap around. Ooooooooooook now. Starter back on, cover back on, engine back in. Everything went together pretty quick from there. All set, turn key - - - - fires right up and dies right out :? :? Well we started watching the fuel filter and no fuel is moving through. Plenty of gas in the tank, switched to reserve for fun and still nothing. Looked at the fuel pump and it mounts to the back shield :shock: :shock: Remove side cover and hooked the fuel line back up to the back side of it. Must have came off when the shield was pulled back to remove the starter :oops: :oops: Button the side cover back up and NOTHING :shock: :evil: Colin looks down, hooks the plug wire back up and she runs great :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Good thing its runnin now or it was going to get a trip out back and get shot :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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prwttsh said:
You two are getting so good at that green thing , you could start a sideline bussiness..... :lol: :lol:
If only we had Gary's money, we could :? :cool:
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