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John Deere Paint

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In the past I have used JD paint with good results. I see now some of us will have to use low VOC paints. Has anyone had any experience and advice on the JD low-VOC paints (inclusing the primer)? Thanks.
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I copied the following from JD's website:

State and federal governments are tightening regulatory controls on paint volatile organic compounds (VOC). Because of high air-pollution in certain parts of Delaware, California, and Canada, local air control districts have adopted restrictive rules on the types of paints and solvents that can be sold and used in their districts. They are prohibiting the sale and uncontrolled use of paints that emit VOC’s greater than 2.8 pounds per gallon.
I use Rust-Oleum. Their web page says that they have a line of paints that meets or exceed the VOC requirements in the SCAQMD.

I'm doing my restoration in 100% Rust-Oleum.
Anybody tried painting a tractor with the Valspar spray cans they carry at Tractor Supply Co.? I've been restoring a pedal tractor for my daughter and it seems like really good paint. It has that automotive paint smell, not like regular spray paint. It gets a really smooth glossy finish too. I just wonder how it would stand up to sun exposure.
The paint at tractor supply will only last a short time unless kept inside. I'm goin to switch to DuPont or PPG.
You know, I had heard somewhere, and I cannot confirm this, that the same company that makes JD paint makes Rust-Oleum (here in Canada commonly known as Trimclad).
Maybe that is why Rust-Oleum has the colors for John Deere where none of the others have.
Don't know who makes Rust oleum but Valspar makes the JD paint.
neven said:
Don't know who makes Rust-Oleum but Valspar makes the JD paint.
Back when there were hardware stores like Ace or Aubichon's, Rust-Oleum was considered top of the line for rattle cans. Then in the mid eighties they realized there was a call for their paint to be sold in the pry top cans as well. I am sure it is a generation thing that you havent heard of them. Yet if you go into a Home Depot or Lowes, go to the paint section and you should find a wide variety of Rust-Oleum products.

this of course is on the presumption you are in the united states (you left your location unknown)
I'm in good ole Canada. All you can buy here now is the Low VOC paint. So when I go to Oregon or Washington I will buy paint. Good paint.
My post was in regards to the User Neven posting that he had no clue about Rust-Oleum.
This is not intended to speak ill of ether, just some facts about the Home Depot and Lowes in my area. Both carry a bunch of Rust-Oleum but only Lowes sells the JD green and yellow in rattle can. To get the quart cans they have to special order them. I guess it is a matter of demand and supply over shelf space. I use the Rust-Oleum in the quart and spray it using a gravity bottle gun. It takes longer than Valspar because it is very slow drying. Then after a couple coats, I sand with 600 to 1800 grit sand paper to turn the surface to nearly glass. Then I finish it all off with polishing compound. It is slick, looks wet and waxes up even better.
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