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John Deere R 1949

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Hi everyone,

I may have missed something, but where are the old posts gone? :eek:
I had a topic about the restoration of our John Deere R 1949, started here, but he is gone. :(
Is it possible to activate this again?( because I had posted only a third of the restoration)

Best regards,

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Re: HELP !!!!

Tom ,the word is all the old post are gone,gone.

John Deere R


Thanks for the link !!!!

I try to make a small summary of the last tread. ;)
I'll do it in pictures it's faster!
Hope it's all what has been shown ...

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excellant work. Great job on the rear rim. Looks like new.
Glad you were able to get it back to share with us . Green & yellow is my color.

Thanks very much for reposting your pics Tom, we lost a great deal of material including your very interesting restoration thread, unfortunately it wasn't possible to save the old stuff, we look forward to the remainder of the "R" rebuild. :D

Let's continue with the summary. ;)

The front axle ...

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Thank you for the summary!!..other than the unstyled B's...the Monster R is my Favorite!
Hello everyone,

Let's continue ....

The Pony-Motor.

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The carburator from the pony-motor ...

The starter motor from the pony ...

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Great looking work, thanks so much for posting

Thanks a lot !
It is a pleasure to see that someone is interested in our restoration. ;)

Let's slaughter the pony motor ...

As you can see is a lot of work ahead of us.
The valves, the piston rings, main bearings, all gaskets and bother bearings must be replaced by new ones !
The crankshaft also need an therapy !!!! :shock:

next time more about this ...
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Hello everyone,

The work on the small engine continues ...

After being welded again ..

After this, the engine has received new valves, piston rings, the cylinder has been hoon, and the crankshaft has been worked, the block and the heads has been grinded ...

Look on the top of the block before reinstalling the manifold (engine cover)

A picture to show the difference between the valves from the diesel engine and the pony motor ... :cool:

After sandblasting and the primary color..

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great detailed pictures. Thanks
Hello Tom; i am really glad to see You and the old R back. This is a really great topic to follow. Thank You

Thanks !!!!

Let's continue with the green color and the reassembling ...

The clutch from the pony motor ...

The initial state ...

... after sandblasting and coloring ...

... and our result.

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Today the starting engine transmission.

After being retired from the pony motor...

After cleaning cleaning with hot water...

After desassembling the transmission ...

Ready for sandblasting ...

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Lets finish the little transmission.

After sandblasting the parts...

... priming and coloring.

The parts of the transmission. (Bushings, bearings and gaskets has been replaced by new ones)

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