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john deere wheels

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I have spoke wheels on my 39 B but they are mismatched. One is a round spoke and the other is a flat spoke. what rims came on this tractor? What tire size is supposed to be on the rear? What is the tube size and where can I get tire talk for the tube?
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More than likely had flat spoke rear wheels. I think round spokes looks better. Is the round spoke a F&H wheel or a actual John Deere wheel?
How do i identify what type of round spoke it is? I can take a picture next week.
It could have actually had either type spoke. Do they look like cutoffs or factory spokes? It amazes me why anyone during that time period would have ordered a steel wheel version on a styled JD. There is a website that goes into great detail of all the different wheel styles, brands, etc... I will see if I can find it again.
I would say price was a factor for most. Steel wheels were cheaper and didn't go flat.
actually can you people help me identify a few different things on both of my B's one is a 39 and the other is a 48

here are the wheels. both are in actually pretty good shape. tires have no life left in them.

can you identify these carbs and magnetos for me so I can order parts? its too cold to take them off and clean them up for model numbers. I'd rather leave them on and keep the intake closed and the timing correct.

those are all off of the 39 B ^^^^^^^

these are off of the 48 B bellow :

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Your flat spoke is a cutoff that use to be just a steel wheel and the round spoke is a factory one. When i say factory, i mean a f&h factory one. Those rounds get pretty expensive if you have to replace them.
John Deere made their own round spokes also. A friend of mine has a set on his 37 A. The John Deere round spokes have thicker spokes than the F&H spoke wheels.
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