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Just Had To Have Quail (babies)

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Got some Georgia gaint quail eggs and put them under a little bantam hen.. first picture is the size of the egg that is a quarter laying by egg

next picture I am holding 2 eggs in my hand

next picture is 2 little quail in my hand

next picture is speckles and her brood of quail she had 16 eggs and hatched 7 - takes 23 to 25 days to hatch quail

What will I get into next? :lol:
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Oh my so little and so cute to see, How very interesting.
Thanks brother ,love seeing those quail babies.
I'll try to see to it none of the locals send any Ostrige eggs that way :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
When we went to the lake a mother and her 12 babies would walk the driveway every day, up one side in the morning and down the other in the afternoon. They were a couple days old the first day we were there. 2 weeks later they were feathered out and flying some. Newborns are so tiny....James
I jumped two on my farm last week. Get a big net and you can come get them :lol: They sure are cute.
The other little hen was set same day and she is hatching now . I know she has 3 one had 15 eggs and the other had 16 ;)
she hatched 5 so now if I am counting right is 12 they can hid under a leaf and it takes a while to get them counted ;) pictures later on
They sure are cute little things.
caseman said:
What will I get into next? :lol:
JR, I'd be afraid to guess as to what you might get into next. ;)
They are lovely... you hare having so much fun with those birds...xx
OK here are both momma and babies but you got look close to see the little ones ;)

Yes I am haveing fun with all of them! :lol: There are 12 of them pretty good for old eggs ;)
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Aint they cuties
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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