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ky wild cats the hairy ones

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last week on the 5th there was an article in the larue county ky paper, about some one catcing a picture of a cougar on camera just outside atherton Hardin county

the article read that there not any surviving big cats in KY.

this was captured at the time and date on the photo in lonesome hollow, and it is bigger than a large tomcat, and as seen in the picture it has a long tail, no bobcat upturned tail or chin mane like a bobcat

this cat at this place in this picture is bigger than a big bobcat

here is a big bobcat catch from another camera on the farm, notice the tail and chin main

Google earth shows this location 29 miles from the Atherton sighting,, yall be carefull in the woods
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They are around here Larry, though I haven't seen one for 35 years when I was a teenager roaming the hills around the Ohio river.
The govt. denied they were in that part of KY, along with black bears, but for those of us who hiked and hunted around Battletown along the river, we knew better. ;)
I believe you. We have had multiple sightings of a large orange cougar looking cat in our area. It has crossed the road in front of several locals. A man 15 miles away claimed a large cougar dragged off one of his calves by the neck. People were skeptical of his story, but a year later and several sightings of the same thing were seen in our area. Of course Fish and Wildlife denies it. But, my cousins husband is a game warden and he said shoot it if you see it.
That what I say ,shoot it if you see it and then take pictures. :roll: :roll:
I believe you a hundred and ten percent. Like Dave said I've spent a lot of time in the woods back in the mountains and on the river a lot of times till 2 or 3 in the morning and one thing I'm sure of is theres animals that live there that the wildlife people say don't.
We have a bobcat or two back around here occasionally but they sure ain't the size of THOSE cats.
We have a bobcat or two back around here occasionally but they sure ain't the size of THOSE cats.
It has been confirmed by wildlife officials that we have a mating pair of mountain lions in our area. They were released here. In such an urbanized area, WHY????????????????????????????????????????????????
missouri massey man said:
We have a bobcat or two back around here occasionally but they sure ain't the size of THOSE cats.
male bobcats can reach 30 lb range the females are nuch smaller like a big house cat, so usually the small ones ae juvinile or female cats
we have aleast one of those big kitties in our neighborhood
My Dad said he saw what had to be a Mt. lion several years ago here in S. Ohio. I was was awaken one night by a bob cat screeming behind my house, I took a shot at him thru the bathroom window with 12 ga. missed the cat and couldn't hear for 2 days :) :) :) :) :) mike
Well, i'm not sure what that animal is, it don't look like any Cougar i ever saw, what you are seeing as a long tail looks to me to be the rear right leg, it does appear to have a bobbed tail but doesn't look like a Bobcat either. Maybe a Lynx or some kind of dog :?:
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