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LA problems

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I recently got my LA out and decided to find out why the former owner referred to it as the fire breathing dragon. It also appearantly burnt down a shed he had by belching out a fire ball. I rebuild the mag. New sediment bowl and cleaned the carb out. New plugs and wires. 120# compression on all 4 cylinders. Farts and bangs but if you put your hand over the air intake it smoothes out. Has good power. Valves are all set right, timing is spot on. What am I missing here?
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Sounds like the intake gasket may be leaking, or the carb to intake gasket...?

Jim, thanks a million! Seems the easiest things are where you look last often! Took the manifolds off today and every ferrule was smashed because they didn't line anything up. Going to make new ferrules at work tonight and try it again.
Well, after new ferrules, gaskets, carb rebuild, fuel filter and 2 trips walking home I think I have every problem licked except for the leaky radiator tank! Never would have imagined sand in a fuel tank would cause so much mischief!
Well, after an oil change, some minor repairs and another fuel filter I managed to disk 6 acres of wheat ground with it over the weekend. Still burns a lot of oil only while idling but runs clean and strong wide open. Here's some pictures. All in all it runs pretty darn good for being 68 years old! This weekend I hope to finish up the brakes, make new hand hole gaskets and fix a couple minor leaks.

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Thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice! Got her working good :D
Looking good ;)
That tractor looks like it would be a joy to drive. The closest tractor to that model i have driven would be a GTC Minnie
The G Moline and the LA CASE are twins! Same weight and same cubes. I've driven both but I'm partial to my CASE! :D
No doubt about it, both companies built very good very reliable equipment.
I own both an LA and MM GTA - they are indeed the same bore and stroke, but the Case puts out more grunt. I have proved this more than once on antique tractor pulls - the MM has terrific wheelgrip and runs out of engine power before it loses grip , while the Case LA has a perfect balance between power and wheelgrip. It runs out of both in the end, but it goes further before it says "enough". The torque of the LA engine is amazing :D
Tricky Dickie
Very nice old Case doing the job. Glad you took the time to get it working again. Great pictures!
Don't no haw I missed this one. I love the LA's. Looks like you got it doing good.
She sure ran good for fall tillage! It's in the shed winterized and waiting for spring!
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