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In the process of restoring my 48 Model B John Deere, I accumulated a bunch of spare parts.

I'm getting rid of them like I wish I could of bought them.

All parts and assembles only $25.00 each. Yep, way cheaper than any place.

Pictures on request via messages.

I will consider trades. Contact me via Message this forum.

I'm located in Spring, Texas near FM1960 and I45.

Most all small parts have been cleaned, painted and stored inside. Not so much for the larger parts.

Packaging and shipping expense will be on you.

Here is my current list of items.

AB3518R Case, B2480R, Transmission, Main
AB2729R Cylinder, B1783R, with out studs
B3617R Cover, Tappet
AB3427R Pipe, Exhaust
AB3125R Housing, B2029R, RH., for main Bearing
AB3704R Housing, B2465R, LH., for main Bearing
AB3509R Crankshaft, B2460R, with gear
AB3844R Flywheel, B2461R or B3730R, with Starter gear
AR20036R Cover, Flywheel
AB3639R Cover, B2362R, First Reduction Gear, with Oil Filler Nipple
AB3931R Clutch Fork Assembly
B2630R Governor Assembly
AB3599R Core, Radiator
B2115R Pipe, Lower Water
AB3601 Pipe, Upper Water
B2602R Tank, Top without Filler Flange
B2885R Tank, Bottom
AB4951R Housing, Water Pump
AB3569R Hood Assembly (Gasoline)
AB1535R Grill, L.H.
AB1534R Grill, R.H.
B2527R Cap, End (Gasoline)
AB3641R Air Stack
AB4233R Air Cleaner. With Oil Cup and Clamp
AB4019R Elbow, Intake
B3670R Cover, Transmission Case, Gear Shift Assembly
B2600R Fork, Transmission Shifter Assembly
B1894R Housing, Gear
AB3702R Housing, B2406R, Rear Axle
AB4266R Shaft, Rear Axle
AB3618R Support, Drawbar
AB3640R Power-Trol Assembly
AB3868 Housing, Brake Assembly
AB3677R Pedestal, B2673R
AB3531R Hub, B2379R, Front Wheel, with Bearing Cup
AB3911R Shaft, Steering, with Worm
AA4316R Housing, A3640R, Power-Trol Valve, Complete
A3637R Arm, Cylinder Transport
AB1613R Rim, Rear, Flat Base (10" X 38")
B3800R Wheel, Rear, Casting 36 inch
B1189R Collar, Clamp, Wheel, Rear

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Please pardon me for being so challenged. I could not find the edit button on my original post to show what has been sold.

Items sold are below.

AR20036R Cover, Flywheel <-- Sold
AB3509R Crankshaft, B2460R, with gear <-- Sold
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