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lead washers

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Putting the head back together on my unstyled AR and I see the tappet lever studs call for lead wahsers. Are there any reliable substitutes?
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Thanks. Perhaps I'll look for a piece of flat lead and make a few. I may also use some Masters Pro-Dope with Teflon Pipe Thread Sealant (liguid by Dupont) that is good for oil, gas, water, natural gas, etc. I intend to use it as well on the 4 echaust manifold studs that aslo extend into the water jacket (and no place there ofr lead washers). Good for 10,000 psi and 400+F.

And perhaps whilst i'm at the gathering of the Green i can slip by the factory and get the JD part!
Thanks. I went and made lead washers, as well as the pipe thread sealant.

Interesting, it is a jobber head, and I had to bottom-tap these studs! Also had a real pull to get the head on as the studs were "touching side" of the top two head stud holes. Although the head gasket manufacturer said "lead washers not necessary" I used them here as well anyway.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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