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Lift cyl clearance? 9n upgrade to O-ring...

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Anyone out there know what acceptable clearance (piston to bore) I'm looking at for the lift cyl on my 9N? I've got 2 cyls (one's out & the other is in operation).

I was hoping to get the spare ready to go for the rebuild - make it a simple swap instead of pull it and fix stuff and then put back together.

I haven't priced a replacement - I'm told I could have it electroplated and re-honed (buddy's got a machine shop) for under $40....

What's acceptable clearance with the O-ring NAA setup?

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Under $40 ? I would get every one I had done before that runs out.
I had one for a AC B done about 5/8 X 6 And it was $180
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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