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Lift problem HELP!

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Well hmmmmm

Ok, I cant seem to get these arms to lift! A friend of mine whom owns a 50 told me to screw in the metering screw till it bottoms out. Did that and the arms still wont lift. Yes the arms are at the bottom of the stroke. I push on the lift and the hydraulics do want to return the handle to the neutral position. Yet zero lift, sigh.

The hydraulic reservoir does have oil, it is with in the fill pipe. I have loosened one fitting and hydraulic oil will stream out. The engine seems to load when I hold the lever in the lift position. If you lift the arms you will feel some initial tugging and then you can hear the little piston arm come out of its socket. Makes the same noise when ever you lift on the arms (even if your working the lever).

I am afraid I will have to do some exploratory surgery come this fall. Sigh.
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I have the tech manual for the 830, 930, 1030, 1130 and 1630 (think these are all German built) and it has a troubleshooting section. May be of help.

For "Fails to Rise or Rises too slowly":
1. No pressure in system - chek hydraulic pump
2. Discharge valve stuck open - Turn in rate of drop screw compeltely. If arm rises, check valve for froeign particles. Check o-rings and back-up rings of valve plug for proper condition.
3. Return spring of valve operating lever unhooked or weak. - Remove plug on right side or rockshaft housing and watch valve linkage. If linkage moaves with the engine shut off, spring will be unhooked or damaged. Hook in spring or replace.
4. O-ring of rockshaft damaged or worn - replace o-ring and back-up ring.
5. Clutch petal depressed. Release clutch pedal so transmission oil pump can operate again.
6. Low pump output - check and adjust hydraulic pump.
7. Load control arm negative stop screw improperly adjusted.
8. Cam follower adjusting screw improperly adjusted (improper reaction inload control)
9. Rockshaft flow control valve improperly adjusted.
10. Transmission oil filter contaminated or restricted.
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is that an A/B

does it have QD's on it as well?
It is a Model 60


it has 1800 psi on the fitting. so its not the pump.
Does your oil level in the hydraulic stay full? Have you checked to see if your Trans is overfull? Could be a lift cylinder gasket blown out(this will cause low oil in hrdraulic, and overfull tranny), or an issue with the cup on the piston! I would explore other suggestions before looking into this, because both require a teardown.
Probably those e-Bay purchased arms. ;~)
Well I got a couple of dummy plugs on ebay. ... 1078776876

Slipped them in and the lift came right up. So it does matter if you use the dummy plugs or the hydraulic plugs.
LOL mine is the new improved. So go figure.
ok my b has the same problem, where do those dumy plugs go? or is that something for a newer tractor?
ah ok. ive just got some pipe plugs in those holes now. mabe thats why its not workin. thanks!
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