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light duty farmall C 3pt

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reposting theis at the request of aother member.

not.. this is a light duty lift meant for a couple hundred pounds.

currently the rockshaft is 3/4" and is doing fine. I have since located a 1" rod, and if the rockshaft does bend, will swap it out for that.. etc.

I originally mocked it up using scrap rebar to get my angles and distances correct.. then went back and used better metal stock and clevis ends, etc.

unit is working well for it's intended purpos.. I've pulled a spring tooth harrow with it as well as a pasture drag harrow many times.. working great. I wouldn't try to lift a 400# 4' mower with it till I swap to a 1" rocksahft though.

lower draft links are ford from an N.. etc..

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Looks good and I'm sure will come in handy, Maybe not for a 7'brushog but for the light stuff it's nice to have a 3pt option. I cheated and didn't have to do any figuring or welding I bought a used fasthitch 1pt to 3point conversion for my cub loboy. Only for the light stuff. The cub can't lift or pull a lot but I figure it will be good for the 3pt rake.
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