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Discovered this eastern UP lake in the summer of 1973. We were camped at the national forest camp ground on big Brevort fishing Big Brevort lake. On the discovery day it was raining hard at times and just a slight mist at other times. Sitting at the dining table in the camper looking at a map we decided to spend the rainy day looking at surrounding lakes with a camp ground and a boat launch site. We climbed in Robb?s jeep and headed for Little Lake Brevort the closest to us. We ended up at the North camp ground off Worth road Off M123 north of Moran. There is a south camp ground off US 2 also.
I checked the barrel at the fish cleaning station and saw heads from many types of fish, Pike, Small Bass, blue gills and Bull Heads. We marked it as a lake we would visit some day for at least a couple of days. That didn?t come about till early July 1974, when we were on our way to spend a week in Canada but decided to lay over for a couple days at Little Brevort. We had a good time and caught a bunch of blue gills that would latter raise some eye brows in Canada. When we got pulled into a check point the Canadain F&WL officer didn't know what the think of the Blue gills in the freezer.
The next time we spent at Little Brevort was the week before and during Memorial day 1975. Robb and I had taken that week as one of our vacation days to fish in the UP. We took my pick up, a small tent and my boat and dads, the folks were going to join us latter in the week.
By the third day Robb and I had our daily limit and the total limit of all the fish we had ever caught in the lake except for Bass as the season wasn?t open yet. We also didn?t have a limit of Bull Heads since there was no limit on them.
The Bull Head became our target fish which we set a minimum size we would keep, nothing under 12 inches unless there was a problem like a swallowed hook and we damaged the fish getting it out.
We really like Bull Heads as they are easy to catch, easy to clean and fry up real nice with a batter in a deep fryer. We could have enough to invite many family and friends to a fish fry and have enough fish for every one and seamed like every one likes them. Mom and dad arrived on Thursday afternoon. Robb and I went into the nearest town (Moran) and bought 6 of the biggest Styrofoam coolers they had and as many bags of ice for the fish.
When we got back Mom was cleaning the fish her and dad had caught while dad was getting things arranged for the fish we were going to fry that evening.
Now I have to tell you my dad didn?t want any part of a bullhead. If he caught one he just flat out told us he was cutting the line and letting it go. Mom or one of us boys would remove the hook for him and explain the safe easy way of doing it but I never knew of him unhooking one himself. On Saturday all any of us could catch and keep legally was Bull Heads. Both Robb and I, Mom and Dad had filled between us three, five gallon pails of Bull Heads in the afternoon.
We came in and got ready for the even meal, fixing and the clean up afterwards. While we were eating it began to rain hard at times.
While eating it was decided that Robb and I would load a picnic table in the back of my truck and since the home made topper was tall enough we could light a Colman lantern to hang in there for light, two pails of water to rinse our hand with and the fish too plus a pail for the refuse. We would get another cooler of ice as soon as one got full. Didn?t take us very long to clean those fish and wash out the back of the truck and picnic table. I know I can hear the uneducated now telling about nailing the Bull Head to a board and using a pair of pliers to skin them. I?ll try to explain the quick and easy method even though it has probably been 20 years since I have did it myself.

Grasp the Bull Head and stick the top point between index finger and second , one side point goes out between the thumb and the index finger and the other is just covered with the remaining fingers. Using a sharp knife cut a slit in the skin from that top point all the way to the tail. Then cut a slit on both sides from the top point half way down the sides. Once that is done cut thru the back bone just ahead of the top point, then bend the fish at that point insert one thumb on one side of the back bone and the other thumb in the other side then pull up on the meat side which should leave you with a nice hunk of fish to fry or grill and in the other hand a head skin and inwards to discard.

:D Al
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