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Loader for 76' MF 245

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I just inherited a 76' MF 245 from my uncle who is having a rough bout with a rare cancer. The tractor only has 341 hours on it but needs new tires, steering pump, and some cosmetic polish. It has a front end loader on it which he tells me makes the tractor quite dangerous in certain circumstances. 90% of my use will be to scrape my driveway and bush hogging. He tells me that I can probably get enough $ out of the loader to pay for the new tires and pump. Does anyone know approximately how much I should ask for the loader? Here are the pics of it.
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Well, I can't upload photos for some reason, but other than the hydraulic hoses needing to be replaced because of dry rot (there are no leaks and everything works as it should, the dry rot is just cosmetic). It seems to be in fine working order.
Hello Scruggs1, and welcome. A model number and photos would help. Most Ferguson loaders of that time had the model number decaled on it.
If it's gone look for a serial plate on it somewhere, and if it's gone, (not uncommon) photos would be best.
You need to copy and paste them from a free photo hosting site like Photobucket.
Prices for full hydraulic front loaders can vary from $200 to $5000 or more for a new one.
So it's kindda hard for me to make a stab at a good asking price for a front end loader without more information.
The plate on the side of the loader says MF 232 (model #), 5087 (series #), and 000553 (serial #). I will try out the photobucket here in a bit. I just put it on Criagslist for $1200 and have already got 2 people wanting it...leads me to believe I am a little underpriced...but in this economy, I should probably be thankful. Oh...just realized I can post the CL ad as a link.

Lets try this:
You're priced about right just make your price firm. $1200 to $1500 is a good price for that loader.
Lots of folks, including me, feel a front loader is the handiest thing you can have on a tractor. ;)
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