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In the late fifties my father bought back what had been his fathers farm which had been unused for a number of years. For the first year he borrowed his elderly neighbours IH W4 and liked it so much he bought one of his own. A few years later the neighbour sold him his land but sold the tractor locally since my father already had one. Fast forward 15 yrs or so and the widow of the man that bought the original tractor wants to sell it and offers it to me since I had helped her late husband troubleshoot a few minor problems. It is still my favorite, my older brother learned to drive on it and it now lives just across a small river from where it started out its career. About five years after I had bought the original W4 the widows brother-in-law offered me another brothers Cockshutt 30 that had been the original tractor of the second farm out the road from my Grandfathers. I now own 4 tractors from 4 farms within a mile radius of my Grandfathers out of the five working farms in that immediate neighbourhood. I doubt the fifth will come up for sale since a great grandson is expressing interest in it but that is good too. I have told the present owner that I am willing to make it run to have it displayed at the local ag fair this fall. That will be almost as much fun as acquiring it.
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Thanks for posting the story and I love it when you can get some history along with the tractors, makes really special I think.
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