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Look what fell of a truck at home last week-end

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A tilt tray truck turned up at home last Sunday and look what it dropped off!

I managed to find a Cat D4 6U series and with the aid of a cheque, managed to persuade the owned to drop it off at my house.

Unfortunately, there is no serial number attached to the rear of the frame but the number on the engine indicates it could be a 1953 model (6U8564). The pony motor starts good on the first pull of the starting rope and drives and steers as good as when it was new. Undercarriage (rollers, pins & bushes, sprockets & idlers) also better than 80% and appears to have done very little work since a undercarriage rebuild. Fuel tank and air cleaner are not origional - a Cat dry type air filter has been fitted and the fuel tank has been custom made professionally to give added capacity. This was done at the same time the bush canopy was fitted, probably when the tractor was new. The origional tank was side mounted.


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Looks like ya done good. Very solid dozer there. Sounds like its been well taken care of too. Congrats.
WOW!!! Unfortunately only thing that gets dropped at my house is Bills :lol: :lol: :lol:

looks good , some looked after the old girl !
have some fun in the dirt !
Been well looked after for a dozer,in really good condition are you going to do anything to it or leave it in its working
clothes a good looking buy,post some photos of her working please
A few tidy up jobs to do - tighten the fan belt, replace 2 hoses, remount the oil pressure gauge andrefit the bonnet properly (some bolt holes are stripped out) then it's going to work for a while on our property. Eventually, it will get tidied up (mainly a paint job) when time permits.
Does the 50TD get its blade set up put back on now , or is going to stay as a bare machine now you have a dozer ?.
It is a nice straight D46U John , Good Find .
Once the blade and mounting hardware is cleaned up, it will be going back on the 50TD as this was fitted to the tractor when it was first sold. Might take a while though. Might even be able to start up contracting with 2 dozers and a Britstand 2 yard scoop!

Strange as it is my brother and b-i-l both (Worked for same installing co. about 1970-) helped put the phone system in the plant at Peoria IL many years ago!

Neither of them ever appreciated Cats though!
My My what a big toy to play with. Have fun with it.
Come on John ,Where's the photos of the old girl with a shine on the blade ?
You must have had a play on it by now :) .
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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