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We are 4 month old handsome boys that treat our humans well and would like to find flocks of our own with a new human family. Our dad's have taught us how to find the best bugs, call the ladies, watch the skies and sound the alarm. If you have a flock of ladies that need a good leader or you know of a family who wants a good boy around for their girls, call our human mama LadyHawk. Here are some pictures of us

My dad is a 14 lb Blue Orpington and my mama is a brown egg laying Delaware/EE hen. I got my beautiful beard from my mama

This is my other broodermate and half brother...he also has the same dad but his mother is a black and white mottled orpington hen. He does not have a beard like me
but he is a nice shade of blue like me and he is in the middle

My broodermate.. his dad is a 12 lb 3/4 Orpington 1/4 RIR roo and his mama is a green egg laying EE hen. He is black with red and wheaten color markings. He got a nice beard from his mama too

The white broodermate in the picture has already found a home and flock of his own.

My human mama has three other broodermates that she may part with...

Contact our human mama LadyHawk at 502-542-2099 our price is negotiable for a good pet home.
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