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loose steering box on super a

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the fix was posted by members before we lost all posts could i get the fix for steering box fix reposted as i didnt get it printed off thanks and have a great day to everyone
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I am not sure what some would call the proper fix, but there are several possibilities. I have had play either in the steering shaft/housing area and simply adding a thin washer as a spacer fixed 'em up. I have added exterior washers to tighten the worm gear shaft. I have had the beveled gear shaft machined to accept larger keys. The best and simplest fix was one I heard at an IH dealership about 30 years ago. I asked the parts guy it here would be anything wrong with welding the beveled gear to the shaft. He said "that's how we fix 'em." It may not be "correct" but it works.
thanks for info sounds good to me
I had replied to the fix on that.

After removing the sector gear and shaft from upper section of housing three small bolts and a retainer for bearing. cut or grind 1/4 inch from upper top part of gear hub reason for this is when weld is applied the upper bearing will rest back down to it's orginal location . Do not weld gear at bottom due to gear hub ride against the lower housing . Put you key back in before welding so the lower keyway will be inline .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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