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Loose water pump pulley

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I noticed the front end of our H being a little noisey and when i tugged on the fan the whole pulley assembly rocked a little. My question there an adjustment? is this a normal wearing part? If its rocking a little does that mean its already trashed the water pump?
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Shouldnt move at all. Could be wore out bearings in the pulley......
John M said:
Shouldnt move at all. Could be wore out bearings in the pulley......
Can they be rebuilt? I wish I knew I had this problem while I had the radiator off this weekend :roll: Ugh
Sure can!! Pretty easy!! Check out Badgos thread on his BM pump, its pretty much the same thing, only smaller. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=575&p=4487#p4487

Worse part will be getting it all apart.
Yeah it's fairly straight forward.
I changed the pump on my M with the radiator still in place and just removed the fan cowling.

I've added the manufacturer codes to replace bearings and seals to my thread (hopefully they are the same size).

You will almost definitely need access to a hydraulic bearing press to get the old ones out and new ones in. Most auto workshops have one and would probably help you out.

Good luck...
Thank you both I think I will dig in later in the year when things slow down for us :)
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