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Lost Sheep

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Hi Everyone,

Ralbuck is back after a confusing issue of computer problems and this re-vision at the same time. I was member #134 and now feel like nuber 3 hondred thousand.

Still a little flustered by new format; but, eventually will conquer it.
just rjR
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Good to have back on board. Won't take long to get used to it. Working real good so far. Enjoy ;)
Ralbuck I felt just like you when I first got on here ,i had to have help to even geton but you soon get the flow and catch on real quick. hang on you will make it ok.

Good to see you back, I'm sure you'll get used to it.
Great to have you back!
Welcome back. We are all getting the hang of it
Glad to have you back.
Glad you're back. :D Be patient, you"ll get the hang of it.
I'll bet your puter problems and the site problems were a puzzler. We are finding each other and that is what counts.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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