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Well, I got carried away and have quite a few chickens for sale. Fortunately, I have 35 acres and plenty of room for them! All of my chickens are strong blood lines, good layers and are great meat birds as well. My chickens are kept clean and healthy.

Welsummer group: 2 hens + 1 rooster, approx. 3 months old.
Buff Orpington group: 4 hens + 1 rooster, 3 months old. (I have 3 groups like this.)
Buckeyes: Hatchlings to 1 week old, 2-3 week old, 4-5 week old.
Barred Rocks: 4 hens + 1 rooster, 3 months old.
Silver Lace Wyandotte group: 2 hens + 1 rooster, 3 months old.
Marans: Cuckoo and Dark Copper hens and roosters. Will sell in groups.

I have hatchlings as well:
Barred Rocks

Call or text for pricing: 859-322-9198. Come LIKE my FB page:

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