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Lots of These on The Beach

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Many of these jellyfish littered Ocean Isle Beach, NC over the week-end. Storms and rough seas offshore pushed them into the breakers and beaches. This is the migrating season for them to head north. In the fall, they migrate southward. They are called "jellyballs" by local folks. From a pier or a boat, they look llike coconuts floating just beneath the water's surface. Our dogs wanted to check each one out as we walked the beach.

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Do they sting like ours if you stand on them or rub up against them...
Neat tosee Jim .been on the beach alot but never saw one of these.
Thaks for sharing those.

Mrs Harris said:
Do they sting like ours if you stand on them or rub up against them...
Jellyfish like these with very short tenticles normally do not sting, but I wouldn't advise testing one to see.
Several years ago, we saw something strange floating and being washed ashore here on a crowded summer's day. I had a feeling as to what it was, but Mrs. Jim, being the biology teacher, knew immediately it was a Portugese Man of War. They have very long tenticles and have a very poisionous sting. It was a small one, which was good. I borrowed a bucket from another beachgoer, scooped it up, and buried it deep in the sand under the pier a looooooong ways from the shoreline so no one would have to tangle with it.
During our summer vacation to Outer Banks a few years ago my family and my buddys family got hit by them things. We were all in the water horsin around and we all started "feelin somethin"...we were surrounded by the things. I think out of the 8 of us that were in the water, 5 of us got stung, self included. I've had bee stings that were much worse, but it still wasn't fun.

Rarely see them on the beaches we go to in South Carolina, but have seen them alot on the beaches on the Banks...

Last summer one washed up on the beach at Surfside, SC. I picked it up and took it to the lifeguard, it was still alive. She said just bury it in the sand...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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