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m.f. 1085

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I don't think any of the 1085's came with just a standard trans. So I would say the answer is no.

:D Al
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I have had a look up all I know and the1085 I wiill have to agree with Al jjin BC is the MF expert he might have a different
answer JoeD
JoeD said:
where is all the massie they must be asleep
JoeD, I don't know hardly anything about the models newer than the '55' series, anything worth repeating anyway... :oops: Sorry dude....
Not much with the leak present. Also depends on the engine diesel or gas . over all condition of the tractor. Ive seen some that looked like they had been in a demolition derby. why not just repair the leak?

:D Al
Thats when you return it to the place of repair and make them fix it like you paid them to. Awful hard to ruin a proper reapir in 4 hours in just about any thing.

:D Al
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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