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Machines Agricoles RIP

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Thought I'd repost this since I am still looking, but at least I'll use differnt material! :D

I am looking for information relating to Machines Agricoles RIP of France. This company was started by the importers Siegel and Hommey who in the midteens were major importers of US tractors into France. One of their mainstays was the importation of Rock Island Plow company implements and their Heider tractors. Around 1918-1919 Siegel and Hommey incorporated the company into Societe Des Machines Agricoles RIP (Rock Island Plow) with Rock Island products still a major import. Due to heavy tariffs, the company began producing a licensed copy of the Heider in 1919 simply called the Tracteur RIP. At some point in the mid 1920's, the company diverged from RIPC and began work on their own diesel light tractor version and the company closed its doors in 1939.

A lot more photos and information are on my webpage. Unfortunately, there is almost no material in the US on this company, and I have found very little in France, so any help is of course appreciated.
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