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Massey Ferguson 135

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with a 3 cylinder Perkins diesel. Even though I am IH through & through, I have to admit that the 135 is a beautiful all round tractor.For it's size its out of the box. I bought it when we purchased our lifeslyle block to do the asparagus, how could I have been so disloyal to IH. ;) at the time we had to get a tractor NOW, it must feel a bit out of place among the Farmalls & McCormick's.I know it sure doesn't get the attention they get as far as appearance goes. :D
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My grandpa moms dad traded a 35 in on a 135 in 68 and it was a truely good all around tractor. It raised between 35 to 40 thousand pounds of tobacco, bushogged, mowed, raked and pulled a mf #9 bailer for years. They had gobs of power for there size and pretty much trouble free. Enjoyed the picture and glad to them still going.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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