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massey harris at the tracto shows

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HI ALL well i made it to 3 tractor shows. i made it to oakley/blanchard/buckley. they all was nice.not many massey harris though. a few 44 and 33 one 81 in buckley. seen a pacer. no luck with selling the pony. had a offer for 1000.00 but passed. so ill have it next spring. it followed me at all three tractor shows. someone said i had something following me. i said yep there freinds. seen alot of green though
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I love Massey Harris....dont know why we dont see more in MI. I have the 20 and 30, harold has the 22, 30, and 101 junior and our friend john in town has a 22 and a 44 all within a half mile of eachother :lol:
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