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MF 135 hydraulic options for rear loader

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Recently acquired a 1974 MF 135 diesel, UK model, and just changed the hydraulic oil and cleaned the filter. All ok.

My main attachment is a circa 1970s 3 point rear loader (made by PJ Parmiter & Sons, UK) which has a single one-way cylinder raising a 5' arm brandishing a trip bucket. Many fellows added a 2 -way cylinder to the bucket, and I'd like to do that, as well as upgrade the existing cylinder to being a 2-way, for driving t-posts in the garden.

What's the best arrangement for supplying hydraulic pressure to BOTH my 3 pt hitch AND two 2-way cylinders? Is it:
1. use a PTO hydraulic pump and tap into the Massey's 30 litre hydraulic oil ?
2. separate the Massey's internal hyd pump load by installing a diverter under the seat, thus running either the 3pt from the quadrant control vs remote system from new controls,
3. are there valves available which can facilitate the Massey 135's small 4.5gpm flow to allow for running two 2-way cylinders?

Thanks lads!
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Hi, welcome to the MF board.
If you need the 3pt hitch to operate whilst using the loader a PTO or front crankshaft driven pump could be used with either a separate hyd tank or the internal reservoir to run the hyd cylinders. The "other" control valves i was refering to in my other post are the optional OEM installed 3 lever factory valves ( no longer available new) or a similar aftermarket one which run around $700 +, these install in the same place as the diverter valves at the front of the lift cover. If you don't need the use of the 3pth
whilst operating the loader you can just install a 2 spool double acting valve in place of the single spool valve that i have, this should operate the small hyd cylinders you have on your loader quite well form the internal hydraulics.
thanks jj,
What brand of aftermarket 3 lever factory valve unit is known to be the most reliable? Is this something I can get from Princess Auto, or is there a specialty supplier?

I didn't want to add a front crankshaft pump because I don't want to alter the front grill, and it creates a longer hose line scenario. I didn't know that Massey Ferguson originally offered such a unit that fit on the front lift cover. So it might be possible to find a used original? Is there anyplace online I can read about these original units, or see photos?
You may possibly find an original, some of the industrial models had them also to run front loaders. Princess Auto dont have them to fit on the lift cover, not sure if any of the Ford tractors used them, "Soundguy" on the Ford board would likely know. If you email me your e-address i will send you what info i have on them. I think the genuine MF135 owners manual describes them also. I let my manual go with a 135 I sold unfortunately.
I am kinda shooting in the dark a little here as I have never owned a tractor with any of these valves fitted nor have I had the need for one.
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