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MF35 Engine Rebuild Time?

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Having finally completed changing the coolant, oil filters etc the time arrived to give it proper run to get it fully up to temperature...

Oil pressure when cold is good, noticed it started falling to about 1/5 way up (still past the low) on tickover when warm. Still close to the middle of the gauge when running at 1000rpm +
Once all the assorted crud had burnt off the manifolds etc i could see how much smoke was comming from else where ...

The exhast is very clean, no nasty smoke from there :)


theres a fair bit of smoke coming out of the engine breather pipe, also some from a missing bolt i didnt notice behind the coolant pipe on the oil filler.
theres a dribble of oil from the front crank seal.
theres a fair bit of smoke from the drain hole under the flywheel housing and some oil dripping out from there (appears to be engine oil)

It starts from cold fairly well but definatly sounds like its 2 cylinders followed by the 3rd after a few seconds.

I guess its either the valve seals or rings and crank seals, whats the usual failure point on these engines (this ones got approx 2000 hrs but has been stood for 15 years at least)

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The smoke & oil from the bellhousing is definatly engine oil.
Do i need to split the engine from the gearbox to fix this?

If so i am thinking of axle stands under the gearbox and an engine hoist to hold the back of the engine then wheel the front end away. (the engine hoist is pretty heavy duty)

Thanks JJ & Wizzard for the info above.
Does anyone know of a U.K. distributor for Marvel Mystery Oil?

It had its first proper workout yesterday & apart from the problems above it worked well.

Also discovered a chain harrow 1/2 burried in a hedge so that will keep it busy for a while :)

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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