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MF35 Oil Filter Question.

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Having removed the oil filter i find the element (the replacement looks the same) and a spring.
Should the spring go at the bottom of the filter with a washer to seal the filter at the bottom and ensure a seal at the top?
I think it was just rattling arround in the filter assembly as no sign of a washer...

If i am missing the washer does anyone have one they could photograph or measure?


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Check out the link below, click on oil filters diesel you will see different filters related to engine ser.#, unfortunately doesn't give any washer measurements :( , but it does show how they go together ... 93&page=42

this is the Wrong tractror....TEF 20, wont delete post.
Les seems to think bottom side of canister, away from engine.
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Thanks for the information. It looks like i need a login for the agcopartsbooks web site...

I guess its just a solid washer with a diameter slightly smaller than the internal diameter of the filter housing. Ideally with something to ensure the spring is centered..
Or perhaps the spring is susposed to be attached to the bottom of the housing?

The filter type i have is vertical with the release bolt at the top of the housing.
It does look very similar to Fig15 but that does not mention a spring...

Ignore my post ...picked up the wrong book...... try the next one....sorry
Correct tractor MF35
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Thats great. because mine bolts on from the top not the bottom its going to be potentially "interesting" aligning the spring, washer etc then persuading the bolt to correctly pass through these :)

Patience is a virtue they say ..if at first you dont succeed.........
If at first you don't succede, quit, no sense making a fool of yourself! :lol: :lol:
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