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We have moved our horses into a new yard & in the barn is an MF35. I dont know very much about tractors but have always fancied one :)
It appears to be almost complete (apart from precleaner intake pipe (i think thats what its called), exhaust pipe & ignition switch.) It appears to have water & oil but no fuel currently. The odometer shows 8000 hours & it has a 3 cylinder deisel engine cross flow head so i guess a 3-A-152 engine.

I belive it last ran approximatly 20 years ago.

I have put some pictures here ...

So, i am thinking dust it off, check the oil / water, give it some fuel & new fuel filter, exhaust & see if it will start. Assuming theres nothing major wrong with the engine then fresh oil etc.

Is 8000 hours a lot for these engines?

Any other tips or advise on how to start this little project gratefully received.

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Hi Jon, welcome to the MF board,
8000 hrs is pretty high but depends a lot on what it was mostly used for, could be due for a rebuild or have a good number of hours left on it, that is a good engine and parts are readily available. You dont say if the engine is turning freely ?, regardless you will have to bleed the fuel system and probably new filters, if ya need bleeding instructions let me know. Loosen the drain plug and see if any water runs out, if so it would be better to do an oil change before trying to start it. We will give you any help we can, let us know how ya make out. ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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