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MF40B tractor Loader backhoe

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Would anyone know if an MF40B TLB has a shuttle shift transmission? And if it would be electrically operated? The machine wont go into reverse. Its 200 miles from my house and is just a little to far away to go give it a casual looksee. I could not find a parts breakdown on line. Or where could I find a breakdown? The machine belongs to a friend of my sons who blurted out that I used to earn my living working on equipment.
Thanks for any info you could give me.
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The 40B only had a shuttle transmission. Either six speed manual or 8 speed hydraulic.

One can find parts diagrams at Shop AGCO Parts (
I looked at the shop agco parts. I couldn't find the 40b. But that doesn't mean its not there somewhere1 thanks.
Click on "search by parts book" then type in 40B. Then pick 40B tractor and this is what should come up.
Search masseyferguson/651383/l | Shop AGCO Parts (
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