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MH50 Plowing

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I thought I would share some pictures of my MH50 plowing a few different places. The tractor is about 99 percent complete, I just need to paint the rear rims and add the decals. Enjoy the photos.

and part of my garden, which was a real pain because of thick roots on one side and the ground has not been tilled in 30 years or so. I should have cut harrowed it first, but my cut harrow is out of commission now. I still think it turned out alright.
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nope it is a 1955 massey harris 50. The MF50 has a rounded off hood. The grass was very tough, fortunately my plow has a sod cutter on it! Unfortunately the last few runs plowing my governor went nuts and it starting revving up really high under a load. I guess i got to figure that out...its always something, good thing i have all the manuals
Haha that is my brother with the jd hat. This Massey is currently the only non green piece of equipment in the family.
alleyyooper said:
If I were the tractor I would run all crazy on you too. we I the tractor I would have thrown a rod. Souldn't wear JD green near a working tractor that isn't JD green.

:D Al
haha well maybe it was his jd Its kinda like when used to manage this farm which unfortunately had chevy trucks. I refused to drive it without my ford hat on! lol not to start a ford v. chevy battle here or anything!

I do have a question about the governor on this tractor. Has anyone ever had to adjust one before? I have never had a problem with it except when it was under a heavy load plowing that real heavy grass. any ideas on how to adjust it the manual seemed kinda confusing, like it was overcomplicating things.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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