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Michigan crazies.

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In 2001 we built our cabin in the UPPER on the shores of Big Bay De Noc. It was pole barn style includeing the big double door because I was going to turn it into a work shop when I got the house built and we moved there.
Only thing out of the ordnary was we had to get a septic permit because the county didn't want people building pole barns willie nille on vacant land for some reason they couldn't give me. At the time of the permit app they gave us the rules list, how deep the holes had to be and the dia. of them how big the pills in the bottom of the holes had to be as well as the tress settings were.
So when Michigan past the cottage honey house bill in 2004 we needed a honey house to be able to sell our honey other than from our front door.
We decided to do a pole barn style again as the place in where we bought the kit for the UP cabin was the best priced place around and the assembly of a pole barn is easy for just a man and a good woman.
got the kit delivered as we were waiting for the building permit approval. thats when the ship hit the dam. Call # 1. You need a stakeing permit and you didn't apply for one. Whats a staking permit and how much. It is a permit your town ship requires, it's $25.00. Get back hometo get a call again They said we needed to redo a site map because we had the honey house to close to the grage windows (25 feet). Go back in and redo the site map. Next morning we get another call. We can't build with out a OK from watershed people because we are with in 500 feet of a creek, the shore line in the UP is closer. The honey house is over the hill from the creek so no run off could get to it. Never the less they charged us $97.00 for that permit and they never did show up to look the site over like they are supposed to.
Next we get a call sayig or permit to build is denied because we didn't draw up plans showing depth & distance between of the pole holes. I go in and I'm really hot, I went nuts and told the clown waiting on me I was really tired of him and his dept of B/S and they would behearing from my lawyer. I also thru out I was going the sue the watershed dept because they issued a permit they knew good and well the building permit dept wasn't going to allow me to build. I had the whole offices attention at that point and when I mentioned they were the ones who were supposed to set the depth and all that for the poles or people wouldn't dig stupid holes. A older guy in the back of the room came up to the counter and I figured I was going to get a rashin of his crap but he took a piece of paper and drew out all they required and gave it to the cleark and tolk him to issue the permit and quickly.
A stakeing permit turns out some one comes and measures from your property line to make sure you are 25 feet off the line. To make sure you are 40 feet from a building with windows too. Problem is they don't know where the property line is. I could have set the building right on the line and they wouldn't have a clue.
I have a 8 inch power auger but the holes had to be 12 inches in dia. had to hire that done, for my 6x6 post and they had to be back filled with a course sand poles had to sit on 8 inch pills.

Waiting for permits.

To be continued.

:D Al
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The bobcat post hole digger.

Course back fill sand.

Finally got permints and hole inspection.

The last picture above is as far as we could go till hole inspection. Eight days befor labor day and I told the inspecterhe coulddo the finish inspection the Tuesday after labor day.

:D Al
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Moving right along.

I'm working with Kare and doing some things alone that I can. Monday morning Kares folks show up and lend a helping hand. they were not asked for help either.

The door I picked up on trash day a month or so before. On final inspection the inspector said he would have killed the dog that scratched the door. You don't want to hear what I told him about the difference and building permit office people.

Firureing out window ruff openings.

Doing the back door the one that came with the kit.

To be continued.

:D Al
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Looking good. Sorry to hear about the mess with the red tape!
Once we got the doors installed Kare and I did the windows after her folks left for the day. Yes they did bring their own lunch.

Then we started on the siding. Her folks couldn't believe how much we had didsince they had left. We didn't tell them I set up a couple of work lites to hang siding by for an hour after dark.

At the break of day I slid the trusses inside then lifted them up on the top perlins. Just have to swing them up and nail in place. Kare and I set the front one and back one so we could run a center line to keep the peek even.

Even got a bunch more siding up before the day shift arrived. I got the lecture all day about hurting my self lifting those trusses alone. even did the trim around one window.

By lunch time all the trusses were set and all the siding was on. Then Kares mom went inside and bent over every exposed nail point she saw.

Kare's dad asked her if I was always driven like that? she said some times when I had to work off a mad. I was going to have thoise jerks out to do the final inspection be fore labor day week end.

Last step befor mom and dad went home.

I didn't like the roof perlin spaceing so ran to HD and bought enough 2x4's to make the spacing 24 inches on center instead of the 48.

Then worked during part of the night to place them.

Dad and I finished the roof sheathing upo that next day.

Just saw in the above picture how sun burnt dads arm got.

One small piece and the rough in is finished. 3 days total. 5 left to get the final inspection.

Even had time to get the plastic underlay down and roof steel perlins in place. Kare started the staining.

thanks Erine

:D Al
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The T1-11 has those narrow strips hard to get stain or paint into with a roller. Kare did them with a brush, I then went along behind to roll the remainder on. It got 3 coats of Behr preium deck and fence solid color.

I used the allis D 17 to back fill most of what needed done some I just hualed by the trailer load and used a MOPO dragline.
It was given the final inspection the friday before Labor day.
I put the rock in place after the meter reader backed into the corner wrecking some of the trim.

The ceiling and walls have to be washable, the lites have to be covered, the floor sealed and a drain system that has been inspected. All but the septic system and the sealed floor is done. I have a hate relation ship with the light over the capping tank (far left corner.) because the lens keeps falling off. Last about 3 days then falls.

Our third hand 72 frame extractor in place. We have a seprate mop bucket and mop to mop it down when we finish the extraction job. It is Kelley company model. being third hand there were no operators manual so I called and asked them if they had one. I got it in 3 days after the call. Nice thing about this extractor is you fill it up and then start it. A worm gear increses the speed a little at a time. It runs about 1 minute on high speed then a little arm shuts off the limit switch.

We ran out of money for the septic system and floor sealer. got the floor sealer the next year but the septic system is over our heads yet.

Now some more crazys. I can sell all my honey from my front porch but not at farmers markets of flea markets. I need a stainless steel sink with 3 bowls to wash my equipment in (think the extractor will fit in a sink bowl?) I found one at a auction sale for $250.00 wasted money I feel.
And Now they have just changed the law I can sell 15,000 pounds at farmers markets and flea markets by just putting a label on the container it was processed in a unlicenced honey house.

:D Al
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Pretty in the snow.

A better picture of the trim work.

Some of our custom honey labels.

:D Al
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Thanks Al, I enjoyed this post :D , got had a few laughs also, reminds me of some of the crazy rules we have to live with ;)
Great story, Al. You sure set a record for putting up a building. In the very near future I am going to be dealing with the county on putting up another shop. I am expecting a lot of gruff like you ran into too. I can't figure out why I need an earthquake study for a pole barn though....
Just more B/S to sell you a permit. I told them that in the future I was going to build then pay the fine if they caught me. I have a pair of no tresspassing signs at the road end of my drive. One day I was working some bee hive hear there and a van drives in. I ran and stopped him and asked him if he couldn't read. Said he was from the town ship and was there to take pictures of my place. I ran him off when the town ship could not give me a discription or a reason why they wanted pictures.

:D Al
They want pictures so they can raise your taxes. Around here they county commission will not raise taxes because they want to get re-elected. Instead the property valuation administrator raises property values every four years. That's their back door tax increase.
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