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The Mid America Trucking Expo was held in Louisville KY last week from Thursday until Sunday.
A long time friend of mine is an otr driver and got to drive this nice new Bully Dog display rig to the show.

He drives for a company out of Minnesota, which is also where the Bully Dog truck came from to the show.

Being he lives in Louisville, and since most company decisions are financially based, (out of town expenses) he was chosen the delegate for his companies display.
He said he enjoyed being home for more than a day or two and getting paid for havin' fun, hangin' around the show.

In my opinion he was havin' just too much fun at his companies display.

His "too much fun" was short lived though, after the second day,
when his wife got a look at the photos' and decided he didn't need to be at the show by himself. ;)

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