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Hello everyone.
I’m 17 and last summer I acquired 2 Minneapolis Moline UTS models.
Over the winter I have put a lot of work into the better one using parts off the other. Just yesterday I finally managed to get spark so I wanted to run some gas through it. Well I went through the carb and everything seems to work as it should. That said I nor my family know much about these old tractors because they weren’t very popular in the Alberta. So anyway my exhaust manifold is almost rusted through in a few spots but it’s held together. The problem I am having is with the air intake. As the air if there is any is being sucked through the carb it’s not pulling any gas through the tube into the other half of the bowl. I made sure that the tubes went plugged but still nothing.

Sorry for the long story but if anyone has any advice to help me get my tractor to run it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Are you sure the intake manifold is not porous and letting air in.
Another way you can get it to run for a short time is to pull all spark plugs out, put a squirt of petrol in each cyclinder, put the plugs in and it should fire up and run for 30secs. This will bypass the manifold and prove that there probably is air links in it.
If you haven't got good compression you won't have good vacuum.
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