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Minor coolant leak

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Just about have my unstyled AR together again. However, I have water in the system to check for leaks and have one that is a bit frustrating. It is from the main water pipe (2" plus diameter) that threads into the head. I removed it once, cleaned the threads, put on more pipe thread sealant (I was generous this time), and reinstalled. The leak has slowed, but overnight it still has a very slow drip (perhaps less than half a teaspoon overnight). Any sugggestions for a better way to seal the threads. Currently using Masters Pro-Dope with Teflon Pipe Thread Sealant (liguid by Dupont).
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There is a pipe dope used by gas installers POS grey or some thing like it. Go to a furnace installer and ask for it. It is lifetime non hardening properties. Supposed to seal all low (5 psi and lower) type leaks. If you dont have a thermostat like my 60, drop in a teaspoon of ground ginger seasoning and run the tractor for a hour or two. The ginger trick also works well with small steam boilers with leaky flues.
There have been occasions where I have found the pipe bottoming out (won’t tighten any more) but still leaks. What I had to do was to grind some off (ever so little) of the mail end, making sure it is still square with the pipe. Then apply the sealant after cleaning the threads and it should work.
Hope it works for you.
Thanks for the tip. This water pipe is threaded all the throught into the water jakket of the head, so she's not bottomed out. I might sjust cheat and try some high quality sealant additive (if there is such a thing) and see haow that works. It is a VERY SLOW leak, just a few drips a day. But I'm pretty sure one I put in proper coolant it well increase unless I do something.

This is an aftermarket head and I don't think the machining is all that good.
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